November 26, 2012

Affinity Predator

Filed under: Probable Cause — Bill @ 7:05 am

Jason D. Brown, like Bernie Madoff, is a predator.   Madoff didn’t kill anyone, at least not directly, to steal their money.  Brown did.  And now the FBI is suggesting that Brown may be using his upbringing as a Mormon to hide among either witting or unwitting Mormons.

The story is reported in today’s Salt Lake Tribune online story headlined FBI:  most wanted fugitive hiding among Mormons?

The important point about the story isn’t that Brown is a Mormon.  It’s that he may be willing and able to exploit that connection to gain sympathy from other Mormons.

When it’s done to defraud, as in Bernie Madoff’s case, it’s called affinity fraud.  In Brown’s case, he is simply a killer, an affinity predator.


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