December 7, 2012

Mack’s Back

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Trenton Mayor Tony Mack

OpenCdA’s posts on July 19 and September 10 of this year discussed the FBI’s investigation and then the subsequent arrest of Trenton, NJ, Mayor Anthony Mack on charges of public corruption.

The initial investigation revealed that Mack allegedly took approximately $119,000 in bribes to ensure that a lucrative parking garage would be built.  It turns out that the garage developer was working as a cooperating witness for the FBI.

In an online post headlined FBI agents working Trenton Mayor Tony Mack corruption case turn their attention to carpeting contracts dated December 6, 2012, reports that the FBI has expanded its corruption investigation to include the unauthorized expenditure of public money by Mack for carpeting for some closed library branches that had been turned into “learning centers.”  In layman’s terms, it sounds as if Mack was spreading public money around to buy political support.  One of the carpet vendors felt he got shortchanged and decided to work with the FBI.

But this could never happen here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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