January 19, 2013

(Another) Crooked Mayor Indicted

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NaginAccording to | The Times Picayune, former New Orleans, LA, mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 21 counts of corruption for allegedly soliciting and accepting bribes during his mayoral tenure.

Here is a copy of the 25-page indictment alleging bribery, corruption, cronyism, and political patronage.  By reading both the online newspaper article and the indictment, readers will better understand the many deceptions that corrupt officials often adopt in an effort to make unlawful actions appear lawful.

Nagin was Mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  He ran for office, in part, on a promise to rid New Orleans of corruption.  As noted in the Washington Times online article reporting the indictment, the news media bought into Nagin’s deception, choosing to promote Nagin’s rock star image rather than investigate and report.

But none of this could ever happen in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


  1. Nope, will never happen in this area – even when it gets close (Sheryl Carroll embezzlement case) the public is spoon fed information. Stinks all the way to the top – her hearing before Judge Lodge (who’s wife is a Idaho state senator)- I believe is February 5th will confirm just how easy it is to play the scapegoat without much pain and suffering.

    Comment by Stebbijo — January 19, 2013 @ 12:27 pm

  2. The Nagin indictment was signed by Dana Boente, interim US Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana (EDLA). Boente only recently replaced US Attorney Jim Letten, the real driving force behind the investigation and prosecution of public corruption cases in the Eastern District of Louisiana (principally New Orleans).

    It was very interesting to me to read the similarities in conduct between Nagin and some of our local officials. In the EDLA, that conduct was investigated by federal agents, and it resulted in grand jury indictments. In Idaho, similar conduct has evaded two US Attorneys, Tom Moss and Wendy Jo Olson. One unmistakable conclusion is that Idaho’s two US Senators and US Representatives are not eager to encourage federal corruption investigations here. Investigations that are almost certain to involve elected state officials, major campaign donors, and prominent businesspeople would not sit well. That would explain why the federal agents and Assistant US Attorneys assigned to northern Idaho appear to be retired-in-place, content to live out their careers in northern Idaho obscurity while letting their go-getter counterparts in other states make the career cases.

    Comment by Bill — January 20, 2013 @ 7:38 am

  3. Bill, Someone is working for the benefit of the citizens. A Michigan Supreme Court Justice has been charged with bank fraud. An Alford plea is expected.

    Comment by Ancientemplar — January 20, 2013 @ 8:20 am

  4. Ancientemplar,

    Agreed. In other places outside Idaho, public officials are being indicted, tried, and convicted. I’ve put up a number of posts about those that involve more nationally prominent officials or cases that gained national attention. Here in the spud state, not so much. It appears that from the Idaho Statehouse to the county courthouses and city halls, elected officials almost get a complete pass on corruption-related investigation and prosecution. I do make a distinction between corruption and other felonies committed by officials. Corruption involves officials who make official decisions of law or public policy influenced by some political or economic benefit to themselves, their family members, business associates, and others close to them.

    Comment by Bill — January 20, 2013 @ 9:15 am

  5. My husband, Johnny and I own Wiggett’s Antique Marketplace in downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Wiggett’s has been a part of downtown CDA for approx. 25 years. Mayor, S. Bloem, City councilmembers-D. Goodlander,(also board member of LCDC), M. Kennedy and Woody (Surfer Boy from California)recently voted to take away our curb cuts which allows our dealers/vendors and customers to load and unload in our lower level of our 10,000 sq.ft.mall. The same 4 some has also voted to take away all parking (including handicap) on 4th St., between Front and Sherman. It was explained to us that it is against the law and unsafe for our dealers and customers to drive across the city sidewalk to enter or leave our garage. My goodness, has anyone checked to see how many businesses and residents in the downtown area have to drive across a city sidewalk to access their property? We were told that the parking was being taken away so that visitors could access the sidewalk on 4th between Front and Sherman; as the city is going to widen the sidewalks in this block to accommodate all the foot traffic in this block. Thus, we have employees and about 40 dealers that will be looking for other income. Of course my husband and I cannot get unemployment because we are small business owners…so we will be on our own to figure out a way to make an income. Hmmm…could this simply be political??? I know that the owner of our building was for the recall of the mayor and these same council members last summer….they city has also voted to take out the curb cuts for Coeur d’Alene Mining Co….I’ll bet they were also for the recall. Funny though, Bank of America (our next door neighbor to the east of us on Front St.) gets to keep their curb cuts (hmmm and customers and vendors will be using their driveway and driving across a city sidewalk!). Bet, owner of Bank of America property voted against the recall! American Automobile Assn. contacted me four years ago and asked if they could list our store as a “destination of choice” for people visiting the CDA area (free of charge for us!). We get people from all over the world and US visiting us every year! Wiggett’s Antique Marketplace has also been voted the Best Antique Store for 5 years from the readers of the Press, Inlander (out of Spokane) and readers of the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine. So, it is with heavy hearts that Wiggett’s may have to close our doors because we don’t meet with the McEwen Park changes. We have truly loved being a part of downtown CDA…supporting the downtown assn. with the flower baskets, street fair, chocolate affair., etc. Want to send out a special thank you for all of you that have supported us these past five years! God Bless You All!

    Comment by wiggettsmall — January 23, 2013 @ 1:56 pm

  6. Thank you for your comment. The city’s decision to remove curb cuts for two properties on Front Street directly impacts two businesses but, in a strange turn of fate, they are leaving the curb cuts for the Bank of America building and parking lot, which is owned by Councilman Mike Kennedy’s full time boss at InterMax, Mike’s day job. What a shock! This is city hall cronyism at its worst.

    Comment by mary — January 25, 2013 @ 12:36 pm

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