January 27, 2013

Were You There…?

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AmLegionLogoWere you at the American Legion Post 143 in Post Falls on Saturday to hear nearly all of our area legislators report on the early sessions?

If you were, what are your comments? How accurately and completely did this morning’s skewspaper article report what was said?

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  1. Who knows? Most folks who are really going to get the shaft have to work or cannot afford to attend.

    I was not there, and of course I have my own concerns with health coverage. Sometimes I feel this Affordable Health Care Act is a guise for the bail out of America because our own leadership has completely mismanaged and stolen our our sweat. And its all leadership- Republicans and Democrats – they are all responsible because they have all been playing together in the same cesspool.

    My ankle is costing me more than 40 grand. Our own home and car are not valued as half the value of that bill and we pay taxes on our mobile home that is less than most vehicles. It would take me more than three years to work off the debt. If I were alone, I would be homeless. That does not exclude all the others who want a bite of me because of my inability to bring in a check for the last couple of months including education loans that should provide me that great success. My social security check is pretty much gone.

    My future, if I am lucky includes a roof and water and transportation. No cable, no phone, and no electricity. A kerosene heater when times are good will be nice because most of our income will provide us a means to get to work that will give us the roof and means to eat. If either one of us becomes too ill to work for any length of tine, that is the reality. By then, however, we will most likely qualify for weatherization. New windows and and and a roof that does not leak. Yippee!

    I have worked health care in Idaho. I saw one family living in two travel trailers to make ends meet. Her surgery was botched, she could not/never walk. Their existence was horrific. The state paid me to come in and work her legs in the guise of physical therapy.

    I am so glad I do not have to worry about raising children. But, if you have them, plan on keeping them in your home for years. It will actually pay to reproduce. Or, live in a box, spend nothing and save. save ,save. Don’t get sick and learn to eat from the food bank. It’s free. These daya, do not go to college unless your parents are rich enough to pay your way.

    Our legislators who are whining about the mandated health care coverage already have it. The pressure is on business to pay more so the individual can afford the coverage. That is the only reason they are against it. God forbid – Rich [word deleted by Bill] Hagadone might care. In Idaho? Dream on. Out elected leaders whine about their 3 month salary that most folks live on for an entire year? “Meager” salaries as in the CdAPress this morning.

    Our medical industry will learn to use morphine in ways no gun in our hands will ever prevail.

    Comment by Stebbijo — January 27, 2013 @ 8:24 pm

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