January 29, 2013

D’ere Go Da’ Judge…

Filed under: Probable Cause — Bill @ 11:11 am

Justice HathawayFormer Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway now has another item for the employment portion of her resume:  “Convict.”

Hathaway was investigated by the FBI based on credible allegations and evidence of bank/financial institution  fraud.  She was subsequently charged but refused to resign from the Michigan Supreme Court.  Finally on January 21, 2013, she resigned.  Then on January 29, 2013, she pleaded guilty to the charges.  She should be sentenced in May.  In essence, she hid financial assets to qualify for a short sale on a very expensive home.

To paraphrase humorist Pigmeat Markham:  “You can carry a bucket, you can carry a grudge, but you can’t carry on or d’ere go da’ judge.”

A crooked judge?  Nah, couldn’t ever happen in Idaho…

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