February 18, 2013

Report: Workforce Issues Affecting Public School Teachers

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schoolsheartIn March 2012 the Idaho Legislature’s Joint Legislative Oversight Committee approved a request from the Senate Education Committee to study a variety of issues affecting teachers employed in Idaho’s K–12 public schools. The study request covered a range of topics from teacher recruitment and retention to new teacher preparation and class size.

The 87-page report, released January 3, 2013, and titled Workforce Issues Affecting Public School Teachers,  was prepared and submitted by the Legislature’s Office of Performance Evaluations.

The report’s scope was limited to ten specific areas that legislators had questions about.  The stakeholder respondents were limited to school superintendents, principals, and teachers.  Thus, its perspective is weighted toward those on the service delivery side of education.

The study might have been more meaningful to all involved if the stakeholders had included appropriate questions to and responses from citizens who fund primary and secondary education through taxes and fees.  What are those citizens’ expectations for service delivery by Idaho’s primary and secondary schools?  To what extent do citizens’ expectations converge with or diverge from those of the service deliverers?

Still, the report provides useful information to help us consider what must be done to improve Idaho’s education system.

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