March 29, 2017

In ___ We Trust; All Others We Monitor

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In-Obama-We-Trust-Patch-DownsizeI urge you to read this article entitled Obama’s Rule Changes Opened Door for NSA Intercepts of Americans to Reach Political Hands.

Here is a link to Executive Order 12333.  Pay particular attention to Section 2.3, Collection of Information.

Here is the document that Obama approved just before he left office.  It amends E.O. 12333, primarily Section 2.3.  This document expands the number of people who can be given permission to view raw signals intelligence (SIGINT) information.

The result of expanding that list is to make it more difficult to find and prosecute persons who unlawfully and without authorization disseminate SIGINT, some of the most sensitive information the US Intelligence Community handles.   Thus, it is highly probable that sensitive information about political candidates will find its way into the hands of those candidates’ opponents.

OpenCdA has two questions:

(1) Why did our elected representatives in Congress allow this to happen?  (Answer:  Complacency, cowardice, and incompetence)

(2) Why did our supposed news media not cover this subversion of the national security by President Obama as closely as it has covered President Trump’s trips to Mara Lago? (Answer:  Complicity and incompetence)

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