May 23, 2017

More About Obstruction of Justice

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SVRlogoSome members of Congress, former swamp dwellers in the federal government, and members of the ooze and skews media (we’ll refer to them collectively as the U.S. Knavery or just Knavery) clearly will do whatever they believe is necessary to remove President Donald J. Trump from office.

To that end, the Knavery has been asserting that President Trump’s campaign ‘colluded’ with Russia to change the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.   The term ‘collusion’ is vague, but if there is an impeachable offense somewhere in the ‘collusion’ they assert, we believe the Knavery must produce admissible and conclusive physical evidence of the instrumentalities of the offense.   Show us the ‘hacked’ voting machines.  Show us the altered paper ballots.   Show us evidence that vast numbers of state election officials were bribed to change vote tallies.  Show us the evidence.

Our feeling is that if the Knavery had evidence of the offense, it would have been produced by now.

Likely knowing their efforts would fail to find DNA evidence of anything resembling an impeachable offense as alleged, the Knavery decided to escalate its efforts.  It decided to employ its Ministry of Disinformation (the ooze and skews media) to convince the public that President Trump had obstructed justice.

Our May 18, 2017, post entitled Obstruction of Justice? provided a primer on the offenses comprising obstruction of justice relating to interference with legislative, executive, and judicial functions.

Here is a link to another CRS publication entitled Obstruction of Justice Statutes:  Legal Issues Concerning FBI Investigations, Specific Intent, and Executive Branch Personnel.  This CRS Legal Sidebar was published on May 19, 2017, and is relevant because the Knavery is asserting that President Trump must have obstructed justice if he discussed the Flynn investigation with former FBI Director James Comey.

Memo to the U.S. Knavery:  If you only have straws, grasp at them.


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    Comment by Bill — May 23, 2017 @ 4:28 pm

  2. Unless the pro-resistance crowd can come up with substantial evidence as in bribery, this is all a disinformation campaign. I am optimistic with private counsel representing President Trump, we will get more valid reason to drain the swarmy swamp.

    Comment by Stebbijo — May 24, 2017 @ 8:45 am

  3. Stebbijo,

    It is much worse than just a disinformation campaign. It is a very serious, well-funded, and well-coordinated effort to remove the President from office.

    Comment by Bill — May 25, 2017 @ 8:46 am

  4. I agree, in lieu of sounding too radical, it is really a coup on our President, orchestrated by our liberal media and by our own people who incite violence through their resistance movement, then blame President Trump. It is very sad. Some of the newscasters as in Anderson Cooper are just plain crude and acerbic. Thank God, I live in Idaho or I would be toast with by Trump bumper sticker. I have come across some very nasty comments on social media because I support our President and it’s like, I almost expect a fist to bust through the computer screen. However, not all Democrats that I know, are part of this antagonistic approach, but the threat is still very real. Then, when the media is so overbearing as in dangerous paparazzi and they are pushed back, it is again blamed on President Trump as in the incident in Bozeman, MT. Those idiots (pesty obnoxious pushy people with microphones) are destroying their own jobs and industry.

    Comment by Stebbijo — May 25, 2017 @ 7:22 pm

  5. Stebbijo,

    Historically, a coup d’etat involved the use of force and violence to effect the sudden seizure of an established or recognized government by a small but organized military or political force. Inside that definition, the most critical component is ‘the use of force and violence.’

    The likelihood of a conventional coup d’etat here is small because of the nature of our constitutional republic which distributes governmental power and authority among the states and between the united states and the federal government. That distribution of power and authority would make a conventional coup d’etat unlikely to stand much of any chance to even get off the ground undetected, let alone succeed.

    What’s going on inside the United States now doesn’t exactly have a bumper-sticker or tee-shirt slogan name.

    What you’ve referred to as the ‘liberal media’ is what I refer to as the ‘last gasp of the dinosaurs about to sink into deserved obscurity of the Gutenberg tar pits.’ Their only commodity of any value was timely, accurate, complete information. Long ago the ooze and skews paper owners, publishers, and editors and their counterparts who played with electrons rather than inks realized that by playing deception games with the ‘timely, accurate, and complete’ modifiers, they could make their product (information) more salable. Think of it as alternative facts for fun and profit. The groaning you hear in the background is the dinosaurs who see high-school graduates and college dropouts making more profit sitting in front of their computers wearing their jammies.

    The aforementioned dinosaurs used to work to make the public think their information was timely, accurate, and complete. Now the new yardstick is more like a limbo stick. How low can you go?

    Comment by Bill — May 26, 2017 @ 7:03 am

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