August 10, 2017

Meanwhile, Back at the Swamp …

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Remember that swamp President Trump hoped to drain?  Did you ever wonder who ol’ Fire & Fury might have been talking about when he referred to the swampdwellers?

Meet one of the newest identified members of the Swampdweller Homeowner Association.

Her name is Paige Herwig.

Thanks to Susan Crabtree at The Washington Free Beacon, we now know a lot more about Herwig and her close friends in the swamp.  Reporter Crabtree’s story is headlined Justice Officials Sent Talking Points to FBI on Lynch Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton.

And does the name Elizabeth Carlisle cause any alarm bells to go off?

OpenCdA is beginning to think that maybe it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to un-recuse himself and arrange for DAG Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller to have a neighborhood swim party with Paige Herwig, their new neighbor in the swamp.

Toodles, Paige!

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