February 16, 2018

Really Bad Idea, Scotty! You Too, Little Marco

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Chris_Wray_official_photo copyWithin hours of the mass murders on February 14, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Florida’s knee-jerk Republican Governor Rick Scott and half-cocked Republican US Senator Marco Rubio have demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray resign.

The FBI has already acknowledged that it failed to properly categorize and forward a good citizen’s potentially critical report called in on January 5 to the FBI about alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Properly, both Director Wray and AG Sessions have ordered an investigation to determine exactly what happened that led to the FBI’s mishandling critical information.  Until that investigation is completed, any adverse actions against any FBI employee including Director Wray are premature.

Wray was installed as the FBI Director on September 28, 2017, exactly 140 days before the Parkland murders.

For two opportunistic political hacks, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio, to call for Wray’s resignation over the breakdown of a program put in place long before be became Director is not only unfair but monumentally stupid.  Firing Wray for not having first found and then fixed every FBI problem in his first 140 days on the job is not the way to rehabilitate the FBI.

The damage done to the FBI and DoJ by eight years of Obama and Biden, Holder and Lynch, and Mueller and Comey appears to have originated at the top and flowed downhill.  Their politicizing damage needs to be  assessed by a Presidential Commission, not aggravated by firing Christopher Wray.

Right now, the FBI needs a strong Director.  It may have one in Christopher Wray.  Fire him for political expedience rather than just cause, and the next qualified and competent Director will almost certainly be much harder to find.

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