November 14, 2018

This Does Not Sound Encouraging …

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Providing for the Common DefenseThis report does not sound encouraging.  In fact, it sounds downright ominous.

The 116-page report is entitled Providing for the Common Defense:  The Assessment and Recommendations of the National Defense Strategy Commission.

The recommendations in the report make it very clear that the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch must get in synch on our national defense.

That hasn’t been happening since President Trump won the November 2016 general election and was inaugurated as the President of the United States.    It seems even less likely to begin now that the “leadership” of the House of Representatives will include rage-blinded, ignorant clowns intent on using any means necessary to remove President Trump from office.   Still, someone needs to politically slap some sense into both the President and the Clown Car Congress.

Failure to correct the socialist, screw the United States course begun by President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry, and the Clown Car Partisans of Congress has resulted in dangerously unprepared national defense strategies and tactics.  As the report notes:

“… the costs of failing to meet America’s crisis of national defense and national security will not be measured in abstract concepts like ‘international stability’ and ‘global order.’   They will be measured in American lives, American treasure, and American security and prosperity lost.  It will be a tragedy — of unforeseeable but perhaps tremendous magnitude — if the United States allows its national interests and national security to be compromised through an unwillingness or inability to make hard choices and necessary investments.  That tragedy will be all the more regrettable because it is within our power to avoid it.”


  1. I wonder what information/concerns are set forth in the classified version of this report.

    Comment by Tributary — November 15, 2018 @ 3:10 pm

  2. Tributary,

    Although the authors reviewed classified material and then had it sanitized by the originator(s) for this report, I don’t think there is a classified report. I believe this report is done for the public consumption.

    Comment by Bill — November 15, 2018 @ 3:53 pm

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