March 10, 2019

If You’re Seriously Interested in Border Security Policy and Practice …

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Border Security book coverIf you’re seriously interested in better understanding the issues, policies, and practices that are covered by the very broad umbrella term “border security,” then I strongly recommend you obtain a copy of a entitled Border Security, Second Edition.  The second edition was revised and copyrighted in 2018.

Because this was written primarily as an almost 500-page academic university textbook, it does not place sole emphasis on terrorism or illegal migration.  Neither is it driven by some political agenda.   It is written for colleges and universities that have or may be contemplating homeland security programs as either standalone programs or incorporated  in political science, anthropology, journalism, or sociology courses.

However, it is very expensive.  From Amazon the cost of the trade paper book plus tax and shipping was nearly $78.00.

Being the cheapskate that I am and before deciding to buy the book for myself, I obtained it through the Hayden Library via interlibrary loan from Central Carolina Community College.   That’s a very good way to try before you buy.

Rather than risk violating copyright by scanning and including the 8-page detailed Contents, I’ll just list the chapters and titles.

Part One:  Defining Borders

Chapter 1 — Barriers, Boundaries, and Borders

Chapter 2 — Border Security in History

Chapter 3 — Border Security Agency Operations

Chapter 4 — Physical Border Security

Chapter 5 — Maritime Border Security

Part Two:  Border Security and Transnational Crime

Chapter 6 — Trafficking:  Contraband, Smuggling, and the Law

Chapter 7 — People Movers:  Human Trafficking and Population Migrations

Chapter 8 — Borders, Economic Interdependence, and Internet Crime

Chapter 9 — Transportation Security

Part Three:  US Border Security Today

Chapter 10 — The United States – Mexico Border

Chapter 11 — The US – Canadian Border

Chapter 12 — The Future of Borders and Boundaries in the Modern World

Each of the 12 chapters follows this format:

Key Words and Concepts


Relevant Topics


Questions for Further Consideration

Chapter Endnotes



  1. By golly, I do believe that you have hit upon the reason that there seems to be a dispute over border security; no senator or representative wants to spend the money to buy, let alone take the time to read, one of these textbooks. Besides, facts are overrated.

    Comment by Tributary — March 12, 2019 @ 3:01 pm

  2. Tributary,

    Given the intellectual acuity of some of our Senators and Representatives (e.g., watch this brief YouTube of Georgia Representative Hank Johnson discussing a concern he has about Guam with the CINCPAC), you are probably right. Johnson, by the way, is an attorney.

    For years ICE and CBP (and their predecessor agencies before 9-11-2001) have been warning the Fools on the Hill that our immigration laws are badly out of date and are being exploited by spies and the various forms of transnational criminals. We finally have a President who listened and is acting. I suspect his choice of “Build the Wall” was intended to be representative and illustrative rather than comprehensive. And once again most of the FotH of both parties have closed their minds and their ears.

    Comment by Bill — March 12, 2019 @ 5:12 pm

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