April 7, 2019

And the Answer Is …

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Hillary in ShockThe headline for journalist John Solomon’s April 7, 2019, column for The Hill online is framed as a question:

Ukranian to US prosecutors:  Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

The answer is that the proffered “evidence” appears to implicate Democrat soon-to-be-presidential-candidate Joe “Hands-On” Biden and his son, Hunter, in statutory violations that make Paul Manafort look like a choir boy.

But if that’s so, then why hasn’t the Trump Department of Justice jumped all over the “evidence” and run with it to the nearest television skews camera crew and microphones?

Here’s a thought:   Attorney General Barr is actually competent and ethical.  I suspect he fully understands that some of the ultra-liberal loyalist attorney holdovers from the Lynch and Holder DoJ are as difficult to get rid of as a bad case of foot fungus.   It was these attorneys who turned a willful blind eye to the facial absurdity of the Steele Dossier’s allegations about presidential candidate Trump.  They would love for AG Barr to damage the Trump presidency by being as stupid as Holder and Lynch were.

In fact, Barr and some of the many honest FBI employees and DoJ attorneys may very well be carefully and critically examining the evidence offered by the Ukranians implicating the Biden Gang.  They may even be looking at some of the Biden Gang’s dealings with the People’s Republic of China (we hope!).

There is nearly incontrovertible evidence Barack Obama and his AGs Lynch and Holder sought to use the law enforcement and intelligence resources of the United States government in a tyrranical move to defeat Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election.   Their effort had a lot of help from our demonstrably failed “free press” including Bezos’ Bozos at the Washington Post, Sulzberger’s and Slim’s Slimes at the New York Times, and nearly all the network and cable “skews” departments.

AG Barr’s DoJ is trying to remove the  septic tank sludge layer and sterilize the institutional space that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch produced at DoJ.  Hopefully Barr won’t get sucked in by the stuff he’s trying to clean up.

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