December 21, 2019

Try a Court-Ordered Stool Softener …

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Danger SignUnder the constipated leadership of its Speaker, Nancy d’Alesandro Pelosi, the US House of Representatives has declared that the duly-elected and installed President Donald J. Trump’s remaining in office for another nanosecond, let alone until the general election on November 3, 2020, constitutes an imminent threat to our national security.

In an effort to stave off this grave national emergency of historic proportion, the Dear Leader and her followers in the House heroically prepared and urgently passed two articles of impeachment.  This after multiple focus groups told the House Democrats what words (forget evidentiary facts) they hoped would deceive Republican Representatives and the rest of us riffraff sharing space in the Clinton basket of deplorables into turning against President Trump and supporting a Democrat lynch mob.

The ink on the resolution for articles of impeachment was barely dry before the House selected its speediest courier to dash through the Capitol to the Senate side and deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate so the Senators could conduct the trial, find the President guilty as charged, and order him removed from office forthwith.  That’s what happened, right?

Well, no.  Not exactly.

It’s true that Nancy and nearly all of the sock puppet Democrat lynch mob in the House couldn’t wait to line up and speak ad nauseum into skews cameras and microphones about the gravity of the emergency necessitating immediate impeachment and removal of the President of the United States, but then a funny thing happened on the way to the Senate.  Nancy and her fellow Baltimoron Stooge Steny told the House Rules Committee to hang onto them.

D’Alesandro Pelosi’s instructions for constipative obstruction were clear:  Don’t deliver the final and approved articles of impeachment to the Senate until we can figure out a way to thwart the Republican-controlled Senate from voting to acquit President Trump.  As long as we in the House don’t deliver them to the Senate and identify our designated stooges to prosecute the case there, we can say Trump has been impeached.  Most of the ignorant deplorables outside New York, California, and Illinois will believe we’ve actually removed him from office.

But now,  Nancy has decided dealing with President Trump’s allegedly cataclysmic misconduct can wait until after the Fools on the Hill loyal to her if not our country have sobered up and returned from the Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Years Day holidays around January 7, 2020.

As a result of her questionable call,  the House-approved articles of impeachment are sitting in a tightly sealed Mt. Olive kosher baby dills jar in the closet of the House Rules Committee.  It won’t be unsealed and delivered to the Senate until Senate Majority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. (AKA:  The Turtle) allows San Fran gran Nan and her stable of Maocrat House members to dictate to the US Senate how The Turtle must interpret the Procedure and Guidelines for Impeachment Trials in the United States Senate.

You see, Nanny Wrinkle has decreed that until her House formally sends a message to the Senate containing the information that the House has voted impeachment, adopted articles, and appointed managers, the Senate cannot lawfully fulfill its constitutional duties and proceed with the trial.  In other words, the House and its international propaganda agents in the skews media can declare in stentorian tones that they have impeached President Donald J. Trump, thereby subverting his presidential authority.

Here’s my suggested solution for The Turtle:  If you believe there may be some validity to Nan and the Maocrat’s theory of the Constitution, why not ask Johnny and the Supremes for a declaratory judgment on her “I can hold ’em ’til you fold” theory of the constitutional authority of the Senate trial?  If the Supreme Court rules that the Senate has the authority to proceed with the trial based on the articles passed but not forwarded to the Senate by the House, then The Turtle should immediately ask the Court for a writ of mandamus to order the required message be prepared and delivered by the House to the Senate by the close of that business day.  Thereafter as prescribed by Senate Rules pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, the trial to remove or acquit President Donald J. Trump must proceed.

Because as the Maocrats like to preach in their Church of Political Expediency, “No man is above the law.”

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