December 26, 2019

Standing Tall: Admiral Mike Rogers, USN (Ret.)

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Admiral_Michael_S._Rogers,_USN copyPlease read Elizabeth Vaughn’s report headlined DiGenova Calls Admiral Mike Rogers’ Cooperation With Durham Team to Be the ‘Biggest Single Development’ in Case, Here’s Why.  It appeared in the RedState Afternoon Briefing online which was posted at 1:30 pm on December 26, 2019.

Many of us who have been following the FISA abuse allegations case very closely agree with Joe DiGenova’s assessment of the importance of Admiral Rogers’ courageous and timely revelations of the Obama Administration’s completely illegal abuse of FISA electronic interceptions targeting the Trump presidential campaign.  At great personal risk to himself, Admiral Rogers revealed the violations to the FISA Court and to then President-elect Donald J. Trump.

To get a more organized understanding of the importance of Admiral Rogers’ revelation and its truly remarkable contribution to our national security, read the timeline story published online in on April 5, 2018.  It was written by Jeff Carlson  His story is headlined The Uncovering – Mike Rogers’ Investigation, Section 702 FISA Abuse & the FBI.

Readers may reasonably wonder if this is such a big deal, why hasn’t it been covered by such esteemed pieces of trash skews media including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the major broadcast and cable electronic skews media networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and the Associated Press.

There are two reasons in my opinion.

First, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 Presidential and become the first woman to be President of the United States.  Fortuitously in their view, her presidency was going to immediately succeed the presidency of the first Negro President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.  The skews media were hyperventilating with excitement at the prospect of being the reporters who covered two successive historic presidencies.  They had become so emotionally invested (and in some instances, financially invested) in a Hillary Clinton presidency the possibility of objective news reporting reflecting the woman’s true level of corruption was gleefully discarded.  The skews media’s institutional arrogance and condescension and their hatred for Donald Trump made it even easier to scrutinize his every defect no matter how large or small and to simply ignore the threat Clinton posed to the national security.

Second, after Attorney General William Barr replaced Jeff Sessions, Barr found evidence suggesting that some in the US Intelligence Community had engaged some  Five Eyes (FVEY) partners to conduct some of the otherwise illegal overseas surveillances on US citizens involved in the Trump campaign.   As Department of Justice Inspector General Mike Horowitz revealed in his FISA Abuse Report earlier this month, the FISA surveillances used against the Trump campaign had the very thinnest counterintelligence predication, but they soon morphed into purely political surveillances of the Trump campaign and ultimately the Trump White House at the direction of FBI Director James Comey and with complicity from Obama Swampwellers and holdovers in the US Department of Justice.

There is absolutely no doubt in my feeble little mind that President Obama would have been made aware of the FVEY involvement even if he was cleverly cloaked with the filmy distortion of plausible deniability.  If Brennan or Clapper or Comey engaged a FVEY counterpart to shepherd the surveillances, the last thing the three of them would want would be for an oveerseas intel counterpart to disclose it to his or her head of state or head of government.  They would have feared that the prime minister of whatever country would pick up the phone and call Obama and ask for the underlying reasons for the interceptions.  Good Swampdwellers such as Brennan or Clapper or Comey don’t want “The Boss” to hear about their illegal activity from another head of state or head of government before hearing it from their own people.  For good Swampdwellers it’s often more of a CYA thing rather than a genuine desire to protect the United States.

If Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election in 2016 as was the foregone expectation, all of this would have been covered up.  Everything.  That means the US intelligence agencies including the FBI would have continued with her blessing to violate the rights of US citizens when it was politically expedient.  And the US skews media would have been intrumental in the ongoing criminal and civil rights violations.  To the extent they are involved in the ongoing effort to  remove President Donald J. Trump from office, the skews media are aiding and abetting the subversion of the US Constitution and attempting to nullify the votes of those who voted to elect President Trump.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Admiral Rogers exposed himself to great personal risk to be one of the very few voices of loyalty, integrity, duty, morality, and character in the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.  We can only hope and pray that  those who sought to cover up this grave insider attack by Obama and members of his administration and a few intelligence community employees disloyal to the Constitution and our nation will never be in a position of public trust again.  For some of them, incarceration should be their life’s last chapter.

Bravo Zulu, Admiral, and thank you for your service.


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