November 1, 2020

2150 to Headquarters … 10-4?

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FBI Highway Patrol 10-4Some readers will remember the television show “Highway Patrol” starring actor Broderick Crawford as Highway Patrol Captain Dan Matthews.  The program aired from 1955 to 1959 before being shelved and eventually returned to the air in syndication.  His unit designation was 2150, and his signature radio sign-off after completing his radio traffic with Headquarters was, “21-50.  10-4?”

It seems that on Halloween eve day,  a busload of Joe Biden – Kamala Harris supporters were traveling from San Antonio to Austin.  When the bus (nicknamed the “Pudding and Sweet-Cheeks Express” reached Austin, a group of pickup trucks (like you’d expect anything else in Texas ..!) waving American and Trump flags surrounded the bus and began yelling, waving the flags, and honking to escort the bus on into Austin.  At least, that’s the drivers’ stories, and they’re sticking to them!

The warm welcome to Austin, complete with several videos, was reported in the November 1, 2020, article headlined The FBI that Hid the Hunter Biden Laptops is on the Job Investigating a Trump Truck Caravan in Texas.  (The news articles have not reported that either Joe “Pudding” Biden or Kamala “Sweet Cheeks” Harris were on the bus, however if either had been, there would have been a US Secret Service followup or chase car if not a full-blown motorcade.)

There was one minor collision when a Biden supporter driving a mini-SUV tried to swerve into one of the Texas pickups (think Ford F-350) following the bus.  Fortunately for the not-too-bright Biden supporter driving the mini-SUV, he didn’t hurt the pickup.  It seems that each of the Biden-Harris supporters on the bus stopped clutching their pearls long enough to call the police to report this massive terrorist attack by some Texas pickup drivers waving threatening Miller Lites along with the flags.  It’s not clear that the local police responded to their calls.

But apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) doesn’t have enough to do, what with plotting to remove President Donald J. Trump from office and all.   Now it has decided to take on the investigation of traffic infractions by President Trump’s supporters.  No, make that “alleged traffic infractions.”

I suppose the resulting television show will be a combination of the 1950’s “Highway Patrol” and the 1960’s-’70’s television series “The F.B.I.” starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Inspector Lewis Erskine.

However, to have a much better understanding about the FBI’s involvement with other agencies in the US Intelligence Community in their unsuccessful effort (so far) to overthrow President Donald J. Trump, read author Lee Smith’s 2019 book entitled The Plot Against the President:  The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in US History.

Smith’s book was made into  a 1 hour 32 minute documentary video that is still up on YouTube until Google decides to censor it.  The video is also entitled The Plot Against the President. The documentary video quite capably and understandably explains the plot and most of the key players.  After watching this video or reading Smith’s book, many people have rightfully begun to question the US Department of Justice’s participation in the plot and the FBI’s fidelity to the US Constitution, the bravery of so many FBI special agents who were involved in the plot but who have not become whistleblowers to expose it, and the integrity of the FBI personnel as a whole.

The people of the United States should be very concerned about the FBI’s involvement in this plot for another reason:  If the President of the United States is assassinated, Title 18, United States Code, Section 1751 prescribes in subsection (i) that “Violations of this section shall be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.    I believe our concern is justified.

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  1. ‘The Point of Why’ denotes common man’s acknowledgement of helplessness. As Pogo (Walt Kelly) said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    Comment by Tributary — November 6, 2020 @ 10:02 am

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