June 22, 2009

Gary Ingram: Nice is not enough!

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Is the public overlooking the behavior of these, and other, elected officials  just because they’re “nice”?  Or maybe their irresponsible behavior is accepted because of their longtime CdA family names, or the fact they’ve been around for many decades.  What do you think?   Here are Gary’s words:

“I’m tired of reading on this blog that Woody is a nice person. Every buffoon I’ve ever encountered is a nice person. His reasoning is non existent, his use of the English language would embarrass his elementary school teachers. His presence on the city council is more importantly, dangerous.” Comment by Gary Ingram— June 21, 2009 @ 9:46 pm


  1. I have always hoped that one might be able to “make a difference” and fight the status quo of local/state Idaho politics. Years ago, I got on every bandwagon I could, jumped into the thick of passive protests, parades, and petitions. I was locally labeled a “radical.” Since then,I have been optomistic that where I could not make the difference, maybe someone else or a group more powerful than I – could.

    The other day, I was discussing the corrupt beginninings of the Kroc center and well, it was not a well known fact. However, into the conversation the intimidation factor was brought up and how she knew a former mayor of Spirit Lake who was harrassed into submission. That is how it works and those kind of tactics effectively ruined my reputation and future some years ago. They were supposed to.

    My point is, I don’t think it’s going to change around here. I don’t think my vote makes a difference and I am sick of the local and state politics that ultimately do not work for people like myself. This is Idaho, the great state of wealthy nepotism and I just do not have enough money to “play.”. It’s how it works and how it will always work. I have learned of stuff that goes all the way to the judicial level and it will go nowhere because – well you know why.

    I am disenchanted with most of it all, because if it stinks in that branch of government, I don’t see justice happening anywhere in Idaho. Hell, we can’t even get a prosecuter to take out drug theives (employees paid by us) in Kootenai County in the correctional facilities here – it’s beyond reason.

    I don’t know Woody, don’t even really care, however, I know of some people who think a great deal of him, and they have also been around here FOREVER. With that said, I do think he has a weak presence on camera and he could be replaced this November.

    Comment by Stebbijo — June 22, 2009 @ 11:52 am

  2. For those who missed it, Stebbijo’s reference, “..we can’t even get a prosecuter to take out drug theives (employees paid by us) in Kootenai County in the correctional facilities here – it’s beyond reason” was mentioned again in Saturday’s Spokesman Review article by Meghann Cuniff. The article was headlined Documents reveal extent of Kootenai jail drug thefts.

    Her comment is relevant to Gary Ingram’s comment, because while many people consider Sheriff Rocky Watson to be a nice person, his ability as a chief law enforcement executive officer leaves a lot to be desired. As the article noted, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department’s “… shoddy security and record-keeping enabled the thefts, records show, and it contributed to a Bonner County prosecutor’s decision not to file criminal charges.” Proper security and record-keeping inside the jail is the responsibility of the Sheriff, his command staff, and jail supervisors.

    Comment by Bill — June 22, 2009 @ 12:18 pm

  3. Thanks Bill for reading into my post and clarifying my post. At times I jsut assume that folks know what I mean.

    There is a problem up here with record-keeping – it might even give folks enough “doubt” to ever prove a case. How convenient – you think?

    I think the prosecuter(s)in Bonner County who BTW work in collaboration with Kootentai County are just pretty pansies blowing in the wind. They do nothing, that is why they are here. They choose and ignore their battles, carefully.

    The fact that poor record-keeping is a given – this should have motivated the prosecutor(s) to work harder to protect our communities rather than writing off the incompetence and gross negligence of their own. I do believe there are federal record keeping laws to abide by – but WTH do I know? Then, you have Bonner County batting for Kootenai County, and I know for a fact that those folks do not even know how to protect privacy protected records, unless it pertains to one of their own. (Hell, our own Idaho judicial committees can’t even get it right.) In the same county (Bonner) their own Emergency Medical Director taped and recorded private telephone conversations (without any valid legal warrants or direction) and the justice system had no problem with that. After that performance, he was promoted by the commissioners into his current position. Our own Idaho Supreme Court did not care, either. That court case was effectively swept under the rug right here in Kootenai County. The tapes/records that were confiscated cannot be public due to the fact that they are privacy protected. (Is this not an oxymoron or what?) It’s not any different anywhere else in this state, nothing is congruent.

    So, while my generalzations are not specific to Woody and the boys, it is all relevant to the same game. Call it dirty politics, nepotism, corruption, extortion, bribery, or poor record keeping – you know what I mean. We are not going to get anywhere with an ineffective judicial system – and that is Idaho’s foundation. We think we are walking on fair and just ground but that is not true, we are swimming in a cesspool of sharks who act and pose like dolphins.

    Comment by Stebbijo — June 22, 2009 @ 7:55 pm

  4. Gary said it perfectly. Nobody is saying that Woody isn’t nice. Plainly put, either he is stupid or walks about in a fog. How could anybody, let alone a public official, make such a stupid statement? Woody does as he is told. That does not bode well for the citizenry. I’ve said it before, living in this town causes “bobble head syndrome”. A phrenologist would make a fortune in CDA. We all have so many lumps on our head from banging them against the stone wall.

    I do have a serious question. Property tax funds are paying for this site. How then can it be legal to use it for commercial, for profit, business. Or, for that matter, legal to turn around and resell what tax payers own.

    Comment by Faringdon — June 23, 2009 @ 8:26 am

  5. Faringdon, Of course, it’s not legal but Woody said it. Why not call him and ask who told him they could sell the “dirt”?

    Comment by Gary Ingram — June 23, 2009 @ 9:53 am

  6. Well Gary, I’d try your suggestion except it is too hard to speak in all one syllable words. And I’m not even sure he understands simple english.

    Comment by Faringdon — June 23, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

  7. This thread has been spotlighted on the other blogsite.

    Comment by kageman — June 26, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

  8. Thanks for the heads up, Kageman. What a farce. The blogmeister over there is desperate enough to lie, call names and attack us as often as possible just to get more page hits for his site. It seems there is no indecency too low for him. My opinion: It’s not worth the time to read that garbage.

    I’m much more interested in relevant discussions about issues that affect our lives. Gary’s point about Woody is well taken. Woody used to at least make an effort to ask decent questions; to try to get some discussion started even if he always ended up voting with the rest of them. Now he doesn’t even bother–he goes right to the unanimous vote and then spends time defending his lack of due diligence! That’s not what I’m looking for in an elected official.

    Comment by mary — June 26, 2009 @ 2:36 pm

  9. It’s predictable that “the bloggers” ignore the larger issue of a public official acting impudent and instead play the personality war. Apparently for the angry left on HBO, any attack on an elected official in Coeur d’Alene is outrageous and stinks. Yet, that same site routinely attacks elected officials from Post Falls with zeal. So their argument rings of lousy partisan hypocrisy.

    Bottom line: We have a right in this country to question and, yes, even ridicule elected officials. It’s a long, American tradition. So is partisan myopia. Neither detracts from an obnoxious elected official leveling attacks against people who merely harbor a different point of view. That is the issue they’re avoiding, and it’s far more egregious.

    Comment by Dan — June 26, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

  10. Re: HBO That site is redundant. Why does anybody care what they think or say. DFO is a bitter old man who was demoted and is just marking time to retirement. RSPA finally turned on
    DFO and spouted his nasty ramblings. DFO allowed this until it targeted him, then he kicked him off. However, apparently DFO is using one of Salsburys favorite comments, “sockpuppets”. So even though he has removed Salsbury, he, shall we say, plagerizes his words. Sad and not worth of anybodys time or consideration.

    Comment by Faringdon — June 27, 2009 @ 10:33 am

  11. Speaking of “dirt” I see that Spencer is top blog fodder material ‘over there’ – where he will get the boots to him again. No mater what he does ‘over there’ it will be wrong.

    Comment by Stebbijo — June 27, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

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