December 11, 2009

Open Session, Friday

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250px-Sarah_Palin_portraitSarah Palin took North Idaho by storm yesterday!  She signed books for 1200 who stood in line for up to 13 hours, here in CdA, and another 700 people up in Sandpoint.  All in one day!  Any comments on Gov. Palin’s visit or any other news?


  1. Palin is everything that the NOW gang dreams of being. Mother of 5, tall dark and handsome husband who adores her, excellent athlete (front cover of Runner’s World Magazine), beauty queen, University grad, successful business woman, best-selling author, city mayor, governor of a State, US Vice-Presidential candidate and still just a down-home gal with a beautiful honest smile who can shoot, dress and cook any outdoor “local, organic protein-source.”

    With these attributes, it’s easy to see how she strikes fear into the little black hearts of the emasculated collectivists. Want examples? Read the comments from leftoids at the bottom of this cdapress article:

    Comment by Zapatista — December 11, 2009 @ 10:44 am

  2. The backlash against Sarah Palin is disgusting. You are so right, Zapatista, that those on the far left slash at her while showing their obvious hypocrisy: Gender Equality?–her gender is the first thing they attack, along with her motherhood and they try very hard to work in some doubts about her marriage. Equal Opportunity?–not for someone without an Ivy League education who isn’t tied to the power core of the country. Respect?—they ridicule her while completely dismissing her experience as a Governor, Mayor, City Councilperson and Energy Commission member, as well as her background in business.

    I could go on and on, but it nauseates me to see the hate machine at work. I don’t know what role Sarah Palin will play in the future of our government, but I am impressed with her tenacity, conservative values and passion for freedom.

    Comment by mary — December 11, 2009 @ 11:09 am

  3. The leftnuts are just trying to deflect attention away from the typical lib behavior of Sen. Max M.”mum” Bacchus (Trojans-Montana).

    Let’s see:
    Cheat on wife of 25 years with staffer, who then gets a $14,000 raise.—-check
    Have said skanky staffer consult with divorce lawyer…check
    Make sure the faithful wife is the last to know….check
    Apply the same level of ethics to the healthcare system of the United States…almost there!

    Comment by Zapatista — December 11, 2009 @ 11:42 am

  4. This is not the first time I’ve commented on this and I see the point is not lost on Zapista and Mary either. The vitriol that Mike Patrick allows on the CDA Press blog is WAY out of control. It has ceased, if it ever was, being a public service and become nothing but a vehicle for a small bunch of leftist/liberal minds to anonymously hurl insults at people who don’t agree with them. This cabal obviously has nothing better to do than sit in front of a keyboard all day and respond. So Mike, I’d be surprised if you don’t read this blog, is this what you want your small town FAMILY newspaper to be known for, a bunch of vitriolic blathering by leftover 60s flower children?

    As said above, Gov. Palin scares the stuffing out of liberals because she is the epitome of what they are not and the epitome of what the majority of Americans want from their elected officials; honesty, forthrightfulness (OK I’m not sure that’s a word, but it is now) and competent. Things I look for in a candidate.

    Comment by Will Penny — December 11, 2009 @ 9:31 pm

  5. I also have talked to Mike about this. In fact, I sent him an e-mail many months ago warning him about a handful of out-of-state HBOcarcinogens who would ruin his newspaper. Alas, he didn’t listen.
    Like the scene in “Alien,” as the Humans discover the Huge Alien giving a warning.

    Here is a crystal clear example of how the Spokesman-Review is on its way to oblivion.

    A teenage writer at the NIC student newspaper writes an opinion article. It is a journalism CLASS. Comprendes, [deleted by Bill]?

    His teenage words are intelligent enough to get the big dog kootenai county democrat out of his feathered doghouse nest (provided by a national retail chain on the verge of bankruptcy) to ‘dis’ the young man.
    How can a 45 year-old guy who [deleted by Bill] have the gall to attack a teenager writing in a school paper?

    (Here, the loser speaks)
    Phaedrus on December 11 at 6:06 p.m.
    “Obviously Connor didn’t go to college to expand his horizons and challenge his thinking. Maybe he should consider trade school.”

    The cool article by the NIC student.

    More of this neurotic, liberal pus from Dan Oliveri’s liberal echo chamber and fiscal drag on the Cowles.

    When this Phaedrus guy leaves our area …which is a pattern which will be repeated soon…he will be satisfied to know that he was the least liked social cancer in the area and his friends will have to hose off his vile contact .

    Comment by Zapatista — December 11, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

  6. OOPS!! Sorry, I meant Zapatista.

    Comment by Will Penny — December 12, 2009 @ 1:43 am

  7. Zapatista,

    Please choose some of your words a little more carefully. I’m not very adept at distinguishing between legitimately colorful and descriptive language and offensive language. Personally, I prefer eloquent insults to namecalling.

    But you’re right — it was a cool op-ed by Connor DeVries in the NIC Sentinel.

    Both the Press and The Spokesman-Review are trying to figure out how to achieve their main objective: Make money for their respective owners. They both seem more willing to allow greater latitude for personal expression in their websites than in their print newspapers. If their various measuring sticks tell them that tabloidism and namecalling in their websites will generate more revenue than they will lose, both will do it in a New York minute without any hesitation or reservation. Clearly, both newspapers tailor their “news” reporting to be primarily in line with their financial objectives. Much further down the line are the papers’ considerations about the timeliness, completeness, and overall quality of news delivered to their customers and consumers.

    Also, rather than include an entire hyperlink, you might want to look at some of the online tutorials that explain how to do what we do and I did in your comment #5. Here’s a link to one tutorial that explains how to do it.


    Comment by Bill — December 12, 2009 @ 7:01 am

  8. That article by NIC student Connor DeVries is great! Here’s an intelligent young man carefully and respectfully speaking out for the rights of students to get their money’s worth out of their classes. The students are buying a product, the class, and Connor DeVries has every right to expect the professor to stay on topic and not go off onto some political rant unrelated to the class subject.

    Don’t you hate it when you’re at a professional office, like a lawyer or accountant, paying big money per minute, and they want to chat about the weather, sports, etc?

    Connor DeVries said it well when he wrote: “It’s time instructors put a lid on the political mumbo jumbo and started teaching what students are paying to learn.”

    Comment by mary — December 12, 2009 @ 7:29 am

  9. I would agree that the Press comment forums are infested by the same liberal thugs from HBO. But, their commentary is not abetted by any biased moderation or active moderator commentary. The Press does need to field an open forum free from bias but within their basic guidelines. I would rather have it that way than to have any preconceived notions leaning to the right or the left. It is up to those who support Palin or whatever to make their case to counter the opinion of others.

    I have wondered whether some of these liberal types are not actually paid to monitor and comment on interactive newspaper websites. They seem to have a lot of free time and some well researched propaganda in some of their efforts.

    As for Palin, she is an enigma. I do love and appreciate the genuineness of her character but dearly wished she was better versed in international affairs. She does not present herself well as a critical thinker. She is pretty but could present herself in a more conservative appearance. Obviously she is not a politician in the classic sense. She won’t lie or misrepresent to gain favor. Obama got elected on a dearth of qualifications because he is a politician able to oversell his abilities and he knowingly lied to gain a wide constituency. Everyone sees better now but we’re stuck for now. The ‘R’s’ need to see the qualities that make Palin so popular and enrich her other deficits or find someone able to field the whole package just as good.

    Comment by Wallypog — December 12, 2009 @ 7:40 am

  10. “Obviously she is not a politician in the classic sense.”
    Bingo! So what is it…She should dress, talk and act like the “R’s” who are stumbling and bumbling in DC or the “R’s need to see the qualities that make Palin so popular “?
    I’ll go with door #2, Monty.

    Let’s be frank here. She went from diaper changing (still!) to pta to council to mayor to Governor to VP candidate in a short time. She was a “fast learner” in each field. There’s no evidence that she won’t continue as she climbs the experience ladder. And opposed to which politician in international affairs? Obama, Carter, Johnson, Wilson, Biden? Sheeesh!

    …and please don’t confuse me with Zapista. Zapista is a late middle-aged, balding hippy with a pony tail who never stopped being a rebellious teenager. He is the product of wealthy parents who spoiled him with free education and trustfunds. He now wallows in the warm feculence of government employ and has no real friends or close family members. In his walter mitty delusions, he fancies himself a brilliant writer… albeit unpublished.

    To Bill:
    I prefer the whole link. I know how to ‘tiny url’ but I like to see where I’m going on the web, having inadvertently gone to sites that looked like a Tiger Woods post-game party.

    Also, hombres= men and amigos= friends. Time to press ‘dos’, amigo!

    Comment by Zapatista — December 12, 2009 @ 9:45 am

  11. All right.

    Here’s a good example of how we’re NOT going to come out of the gov’t ‘bailout.’
    This Bloomberg writer is so far up the Oba-MAO tailpipe that he doesn’t see the trees for the forest. See if it’s obvious to you…in one word that starts with “U”.

    “Girsky, 47, was picked by the United Auto Workers retiree medical trust that owns 18 percent of GM and had the right to name one director.

    Management responded that car companies need new engines to boost fuel economy and meet U.S. rules. They don’t calculate what they will get from the money.

    One of the three private-equity directors asked whether GM could buy an engine from someone else.”

    STOP! Without even once mentioning congressionally mandated fuel standards or onerous UNION agreements/obligations, this rookie sociojournalist refuses to address the fact that previous GM mgmt. was hamstrung by both.
    Settle back and observe what biz analysts have been saying for years…that GM could not make it fiscally because Union benefits and the gov’t were killing the bottom line.
    The gov’t will be as successful with GM as they’ve been with Amtrak, the Postal Service, Pension Guarantee Benefit Corp, Fannie Mae, Freddie mac, Medicare and Social Security.

    In short, the only american product with a positive sales future is Vaseline.

    Comment by Zapatista — December 12, 2009 @ 11:25 pm

  12. We’re all now familiar with climategate– the biggest fraud in the history of science. Here is a short video that demonstrates that disgraced faux-scientist M.Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ is normal…and a GOOD thing.

    Comment by Zapatista — December 13, 2009 @ 9:37 am

  13. I posted the following link on the “breaking news: Lee Shellman” thread and Mary asked that the thread remain positive about Mr. Shellman… and rightly so, so I’m reposting here because I think it’s important to clear his good name.

    Mary noted that he ran her campaign, that he was a pilar of the community, was a stalwart Republican and a diehard Conservative, hence my interest in Democrat Mike Kennedy’s post at Dan Olivetti’s Spokesman blog regarding Shellman that I find hard to believe.

    Read for yourself..if you want to give DanO the hits he desperately needs.

    (from the Lee Shellman thread)
    Hey, Gary Ingram. What’s your take on Mike Kennedy’s post at an out-of-state newspaper blog about Lee?

    It sure makes Lee out to be a RINO and liberal backstabber.

    Comment by Zapatista — December 14, 2009 @ 8:24 am

  14. Zapatista,

    Thank you for the context.

    Comment by Bill — December 14, 2009 @ 9:07 am

  15. A change of pace here-

    How about some economic discussion? Only mentioning it because so many people get up and grind it out at work because of the almighty dollar has so much influence on their lives and their future.

    So, how’s that buck doing? If you value your future and your kids’ future, you should check out this video—-

    Like the Scouts say, “Be Prepared.”

    Comment by Zapatista — December 14, 2009 @ 9:40 am

  16. The US (which is technically bankrupt) is going to pay 25% of the $385 MILLION for SOLAR energy for Africa??!!! You have to be afrakidding! This Copenhagen charade has to close quickly before they do some serious damage to western civilization and what’s left of our standard of living.

    And these “diplomats” are trying to decide if China- who now produces most of what the US consumes- has to abide by the same “carbon” rules as the rest of the ‘developed’ world. As if 300 million chinese who have no clean air or water in the industrial Yangtse Valley isn’t an environmental problem.

    Comment by Zapatista — December 14, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

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