September 15, 2017

Rest in Peace, Cassini

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From the NASA news release 17-079 on Friday, September 15, 2017:

“A thrilling epoch in the exploration of our solar system came to a close today, as NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made a fateful plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year tour of the ringed planet.

Telemetry received during the plunge indicates that, as expected, Cassini entered Saturn’s atmosphere with its thrusters firing to maintain stability, as it sent back a unique final set of science observations. Loss of contact with the Cassini spacecraft occurred at 7:55 a.m. EDT (4:55 a.m. PDT), with the signal received by NASA’s Deep Space Network antenna complex in Canberra, Australia.”

During my assignment to the Los Angeles Field Office, I had the opportunity to visit NASA JPL on several occasions, meet some of the people there, and see projects in various phases of final assembly.  The most memorable one for me was being able to watch some of the final clean room assembly of the Cassini spacecraft.

There is no doubt that there were very few dry eyes in the NASA JPL control room when NASA’s Cassini program manager Earl Maize hugged spacecraft operations team manager (Cassini mission at Saturn) Julie Webster after he announced that Cassini’s signal had been lost and in another 45 seconds, Cassini would be intentionally destroyed in its final plunge to Saturn.

For students, please take time to look at NASA’s information about the entire Cassini project.  It is available online in The Grand Finale Toolkit.

September 4, 2017

For Those Trying to Breathe …

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You can check the air quality in our area by going to the EPA’s AIRNow website and entering the ZIP code.

Here is what our air quality was at 3 p.m. today in 83815:


September 2, 2017

For Example …

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DWI-blood-drawIn our July 4, 2017, post entitled Not a Good Idea, we raised several issues and concerns we had with Coeur d’Alene Police Department officers being trained as phlebotomists to do evidentiary blood draws.

A recent incident in Utah seems to confirm some of our concerns about what could happen here in Coeur d’Alene.

On or about July 26, 2017, nurse Alex Wubbels was arrested at Salt Lake’s University Hospital for refusing a police detective’s order to perform a blood draw from an unconscious patient, a motor vehicle accident victim.

The most complete version of the story we’ve seen was published by The Salt Lake Tribune on September 1, 2017.  The story is headlined Video shows Utah nurse screaming, being handcuffed after refusing to take blood from unconscious victim.

According to the Tribune article, the detective who arrested nurse Wubbels, “…was suspended from the department’s blood-draw program — where officers are trained as phlebotomists so they can get blood samples — but he remains on duty with the Police Department…”

The public has every right to expect that a police officer who has received special training and certification to perform a very invasive search of a person’s body for evidence will also be familiar with and fully comply with both department policies and applicable law.  The public can also expect that such a trained officer will not try to circumvent either policy or law by ordering a hospital employee to perform the search.

Likewise, the public has every right to expect that a police officer’s supervisor, in this instance Lieutenant Tracy, will be even more familiar than subordinates with department policies and applicable laws and will take any and all steps necessary to ensure that the subordinate complies with them rather than tries to circumvent them.

What is also very distressing in the Tribune article was

“No claim or lawsuit has been filed, Porter said, but she [Wubbels] has had discussions with Salt Lake City police and she believes the department will educate its officers.

Wubbels said she has heard anecdotally of other health care workers being bullied and harassed by police, and that these videos prove that there is a problem.”

So why weren’t the police department’s policies updated immediately after the court’s decision, and why weren’t all officers properly and completely trained in the application of the new policies?

Exactly why should the people here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, have any assurance that something similar to what happend to nurse Wubbels in Salt Lake City couldn’t happen here?

Follow the Money … Offshore

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SPLC ExposedWell, well, well.

It seems that the Southern Poverty Law Center, the fund-raising darling of left-wing extremists and their skewsmedia propagandists, has been caught salting away a lot of its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt cash in offshore banks.

Here’s a link to The Washington Free Beacon reporter Joe Schoffstall’s excellent and well-researched article posted August 31, 2017,  entitled Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities.

People interviewed in Schoffstall’s article asked a good question.  Why does an  IRS certified 501(c)(3) organization (already tax exempt) that supposedly exists to provide legal assistance “… in the area of children’s rights, economic justice, immigrant justice, LGBT rights, and criminal justice reform …” need to stash cash offshore?

OpenCdA also thought it was interesting that the Wall Street Journal is beginning to ask questions about the Southern Poverty Law Center and some of its most recent major ultra-liberal corporate donors including Apple and J.P. Morgan Chase.  See Kimberley Strassel’s opinion piece J.P. Morgan’s Hate List (subscription required) published in the Wall Street Journal on August 24, 2017.   Her op-ed article revealed

“… the SPLC isn’t even considered a sound charity.  Karl Zinsmeister excoriated the outfit in a recent article for Philanthropy Roundtable:  ‘Its two largest expenses are propaganda operations:  creating its annual list of ‘haters’ and ‘extremists’ and running a big effort that pushes ‘tolerance education’ through more than 400,000 public-school teachers.”

Zinsmeister’s quote went on

“And the single biggest effort undertaken by the SPLC?  Fundraising.  One [sic] the organization’s 2015 IRS 990 form it declared $10 million of direct fundraising expenses, far more than it has ever spent on legal services.”

Considering Zinsmeister’s quote in conjunction with the great question raised in Joe Schoffstall’s article in The Washington Free Beacon, OpenCdA hopes that once the Trump administration’s Justice and Treasury Departments have been sufficiently flushed of the Obama administration’s career swamp-dwellers, they will reinvigorate the FBI and IRS’s interests in money laundering and asset hiding investigations and in anti-trust violations by major corporations.  And while the IRS is noodling around in the SPLC’s books, please take a renewed look at its 501(c)(3) exemption from federal income taxes.

August 26, 2017

‘Domestic Terrorism: An Overview’

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CRS copyOn August 21, 2017, the Congressional Research Service provided members of Congress with a very well-written,  timely, and informative report entitled Domestic Terrorism:  An Overview.

Fortunately, the 62-page report should be easily understood by its intended audience.  This report is not loaded with statistics.  Rather, it seems intended to help our members of Congress truly understand the nature of domestic terrorism and extremism in the United States.    We wish it had been simplified further so it could be as easily understood by the skews media.

August 21, 2017

Lost in the Noise …

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BLM-Antifa CharlottesvilleIn their zeal to drive President Donald J. Trump from office by distorting what he actually said immediately following the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, the skews media have apparently chosen to avoid seeking the answers to far more important and newsworthy questions.

Had the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the Commonwealth of Virginia properly planned and prepared for the event and the reasonably foreseeable civil disturbance that occurred?  Were the Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and Virginia public safety departments and offices of emergency management ready?  In short, could the events leading to three deaths and numerous injuries and arrests have been avoided if Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the Commonwealth had been better prepared?

Lest readers think of these as nitpicky questions asked by this Monday morning third-string (on a good day) quarterback in Roadkill, Idaho, we would point out they were a part of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s statement on August 14, 2017.

We note that in his statement Governor McAuliffe directed  his staff to hand-pick commission members  “…from community organizations, faith leaders, and law enforcement to make actionable recommendations for executive and legislative solutions to advance our mission of reconciliation, unity, and public safety.”

OpenCdA would have preferred to see Governor McAuliffe place a greater emphasis on “public safety” rather than the feel-good social justice empty talk, but McAuliffe’s gubernatorial priorities are entirely consistent with his personal and political biases and prejudices.   Events that produce martyrs (real or manufactured after the fact) have more propaganda value than events that go off without a hitch.

Governor McAuliffe’s commission members are not social justice warriors.  Their duty is to provide the Commonwealth with recommendations to ensure the safety and preserve the freedoms of all the people who reside in and visit the Commonwealth.

We also hope that sooner rather than later, our free press is reminded that its duty and responsibility is to timely, accurately, and completely report the news, not skew it to fit the political and social whims of the media owners and the politicians whom they try to enslave.   That duty and responsibility seems to have been lost in the noise.

August 18, 2017

Now Do You Understand?

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CRS copyFor all of the political hacks, skews media, and ignorant commentators who have begun demanding that President Trump resign for his initial public statement concerning Heather Heyer’s homicide in Charlottesville, VA, on Saturday, please take the time to read this Congressional Research Service legal sidebar entitled “Charlottesville Car Crash Attack:  Possibility of Federal Criminal Prosecution.”

According to the New York Times article headlined “Man Charged After White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Ends in Deadly Violence,” James A. Fields, a US citizen, has been charged with “… second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at the scene of a crash that resulted in a death. ”   Those are criminal charges alleged by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Within a very few hours (likely before the Commonwealth’s crime scene investigation had concluded), Attorney General Sessions had directed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to begin an investigation to determine if any federal civil rights laws had been violated.  It is entirely possible that in addition to evidence of civil rights violations, the FBI investigation may find evidence of violations prosecutable under the federal antiterrorism laws.

On more than one occasion during his terms in office, President Obama made hasty, ill-conceived, and highly prejudicial public statements that could have prejudiced successful state or federal criminal prosecutions.   President Trump’s initial statement after the Charlottesville incident was timely, appropriate, and non-prejudicial.   Perhaps the political hacks and skews media might want to remember that James A. Fields is entitled to a fair trial in a court of law.

President Trump’s statement was apparently not prejudicial or inflammatory enough for many of the Fools on the Hill and the skews media.   It is they, not he, who deserve public criticism.  James A. Fields is entitled to a fair trial in a court of law.  President Trump has said nothing to jeopardize Fields’ Constitutional rights.  Sadly, the same can’t be said for the rantings of the Fools and media.

Now do you understand?

August 16, 2017

Understanding the Subversion of the Trump Presidency

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If you have been surprised, even shocked and dismayed, by the efforts to subvert the presidency of President Donald J. Trump, the two books shown above should be on your read-soon list.  Both are available from the Community Library Network.

But before you read the books, you will want to read this online publication entitled Democracy Matters — Strategic Plan for Action.  The person behind this plan is David Brock.  It was begun on November 9, 2016.

Brock’s groups (Media Matters, American Bridge, CREW, and Shareblue primarily seek to remove President Trump from office.  They also seek to encourage local groups to use the same tactics to discredit and attack state, county, and municipal officials.  For example, see The Indivisible Guide webpage.  Do a bit of searching on this webpage and you’ll find Indivisible North Idaho.  Go to Indivisible North Idaho’s Facebook page to meet and greet your friends and neighbors.

In none of these documents will you see words that could be properly characterized as unlawfully seditious or inciting to illegal acts of violence.  Violence, however, does further their purpose.  News coverage of acts of violence (e.g.,  Charlottesville, VA) does get the public’s attention.    Biased and intentionally deceptive by omission news coverage shapes public opinion.

Some of the disruptions at state legislators’ townhall meetings across the country (remember the red and green cards?) were scripted and choreographed.  Do some research into the Town Hall Project to help understand and recognize the techniques used.

Many citizens do not attend town hall meetings  or forums to disrupt; they attend hoping to ask questions and get complete and informative answers.    Possible disruption at an elected official’s meeting is the “draw” that now gets the news media to attend these meetings and allocate more column-inches and photo space in print and more airtime during  broadcasts.   If the meeting is disrupted, the disruption rather than the quality and completeness of the official’s answers and comments dominates the news story.

OpenCdA hopes the books and documents we’ve suggested will help you better understand “How shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think, and how you vote.”   We also hope they will help you better understand and reject “the outrage industry.”

August 12, 2017

Skewing the News

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SKEWS MEDIAYou may have heard from the skews media that there is a personnel battle going on inside the National Security Council (NSC), a component of the Executive Office of the President.  There is.

A former NSC employee,  Rich Higgins, was fired recently for a memorandum which he wrote and circulated among some NSC staffers in May 2017.  Here is a link to the entire seven-page memo.

The causes and effects of the personnel changes at the NSC depend on from whom you get your news, how much you trust the source,  and how much you believe the information to be accurate, timely, and complete.

Here is a link to The Washington Free Beacon news story reporting the firing and characterizing the memo.  The article’s author was Bill Gertz.

Here is a link to The New York Times news story reporting the firing and characterizing the memo.  The article’s author was Julie Hirschfeld Davis.

Again, both stories are written and published as news stories, not opinion pieces.  The differences in conclusions and word selection are why we refer to them as the “skews media.”

[Note:  The link to the NSC in the first paragraph was the description which appeared on during the Obama administration.  The Trump administration’s NSC webpage is not yet on the website.]

August 10, 2017

Meanwhile, Back at the Swamp …

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Remember that swamp President Trump hoped to drain?  Did you ever wonder who ol’ Fire & Fury might have been talking about when he referred to the swampdwellers?

Meet one of the newest identified members of the Swampdweller Homeowner Association.

Her name is Paige Herwig.

Thanks to Susan Crabtree at The Washington Free Beacon, we now know a lot more about Herwig and her close friends in the swamp.  Reporter Crabtree’s story is headlined Justice Officials Sent Talking Points to FBI on Lynch Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton.

And does the name Elizabeth Carlisle cause any alarm bells to go off?

OpenCdA is beginning to think that maybe it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to un-recuse himself and arrange for DAG Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller to have a neighborhood swim party with Paige Herwig, their new neighbor in the swamp.

Toodles, Paige!

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