October 28, 2015

Whoa, Governor!

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gambling-games1Idaho Governor Clement L. Otter churned out a press release today in which he called for the reinstatement of the historic horse racing/instant racing terminals in Idaho.

Our earlier OpenCdA posts expressed our views on how this entire debacle was propagated by almost everyone in state government except the janitors who clean the restrooms at the Capitol.

So while we agree it is noble to try and make whole those equine-related businesses who were financially damaged by a reckless Idaho Legislature, we want to say, “Whoa, Governor!” (more…)

September 13, 2015

Otter’s Veto: Intentionally Illegal?

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gambling-games1For the reasons we’ve beaten to death in our earlier posts concerning historic horse racing machines in Idaho, OpenCdA agreed with Governor Otter’s decision to veto S 1011 passed during the 2015 legislative session.  That bill repealed Idaho Code § 54-2512A.  His decision to veto the repeal effort was the right one.

However, we also agree with the Idaho Supreme Court’s decision released September 10, 2015, to overturn Otter’s veto.  Otter bungled the veto.  It is impossible for us to believe that an honest, competent, and experienced governor could accidentally or even carelessly mess up the state’s clearly defined veto process.

To OpenCdA it looks as if Governor Clement L. Otter intended for his veto to be unable to withstand the inevitable and ultimately successful legal challenge that was mounted against it. (more…)

April 9, 2015

Governor Otter’s Veto of S 1011

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gambling-games1For the reasons we offered in our posts on February 6, then on February 16, and finally on February 24, 2015,  OpenCdA applauds Governor Otter’s veto of S 1011 which, if enacted, would have repealed Idaho Code § 54-2512A.

Not surprisingly since it came out on the losing end so far, the Coeur d’Alene Tribe is screaming the loudest about the Governor’s veto.  (Addendum on 04-11-2015:  For a discussion of the timing of gubernatorial vetoes, see Cenarrusa v. Andrus, 99 Idaho 404, 582 P.2d 1082 (1978) .) (more…)

February 24, 2015

One Last Chance for a Proportional Response …

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gambling-games1The Senate State Affairs Committee passed S 1011 last week to repeal Idaho Code § 54-2512A which was passed in 2013 to allow pari-mutuel betting on historic horse races.  It seems likely that the House State Affairs Committee will hold some sort of hearing on the bill, possibly sometime this week.

OpenCdA watched both the Senate hearing and the floor debate on S 1011, and while we heard some passing references to  concerns we have, we did not hear some specific questions we thought should have been asked and answered.  We hope the House will ask them.  For example: (more…)

February 16, 2015

Stop! Get It Right

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gambling-games1Our OpenCdA post on February 6 urged Idaho lawmakers to Slow Down — Get It Right in deliberating Senate Bill 1011.  SB 1011, if passed and enacted, would repeal Idaho Code § 54-2512A.  When passed and enacted in 2013, I.C. § 54-2512A allowed pari-mutuel wagering on historic horse races.

On February 9 and 11, the Idaho Legislature’s Senate State Affairs Committee heard statements from 24 persons either supporting or opposing SB 1011.  Here is a link to the Legislature’s digital media archive of the February 9 session and the February 11 session.  To make it easier to more quickly locate a specific person’s statements, here is an index of speakers tied to the time stamp on each video.

After watching the videos, we think that it is not enough to say, “Slow down and get it right.”  We think it’s time to say, “Stop!  Get it right.”   (more…)

February 6, 2015

Slow Down – Get It Right

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gambling-games1On Monday, February 9  the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee will receive testimony to consider repealing Idaho’s existing law which allowed pari-mutuel betting on historic horse races.  The existing law was passed and enacted in 2013.  It is clear from the votes by the Legislature that the 2013 law had substantial support.

So why is Idaho’s Legislature now considering repealing it barely two years later? (more…)

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