October 26, 2014

Manipulation 101: “Forced Teaming”

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hellotagForced teaming is a tactic used by manipulators to make them appear to have as much as possible in common with their intended victims to gain their confidence.  Manipulators intent on deception and exploitation will try to ingratiate themselves with their intended victims by falsely appearing to have much in common with them and appearing to have the intended victim’s best interests at heart.

Repeatedly using “we” or other words and phrases indicating affinity or close association when interacting with intended victims is a strong indicator of forced teaming, particularly when contrasting terms such as “they” and terms of derision such “outsiders” are used to characterize those who might recognize and oppose manipulation.

With that explanation in mind, read the editorial headlined All Together Now in the Sunday, October 26 Coeur d’Alene Press skewspaper.  See how many examples of forced teaming you can find.

Several times each year we refer people to an excellent book entitled The Gift of Fear authored by Gavin de Becker. His book focuses on helping people recognize and respond appropriately to the signals that people often overlook or intentionally ignore with the result that the person becomes a victim of a predator.   Pay particular attention to the major heading labeled “Forced Teaming”  in Chapter 4 – Survival Signals.  Although de Becker wrote the book primarily to help people avoid becoming victims of violence at the hands of stalkers and unwanted pursers,  his observations and recommendations are useful to help readers recognize when they are being manipulated for other purposes as well.

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