February 2, 2008

OpenCdA Policy

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OpenCdA Policy

1. Anyone can read this blog. Registration is not required to read information and there are no separate information tiers or special areas that only certain people can read. All information here is accessible to everyone.

2. If you want to post a comment, you must register. Registration requires you to have a legitimate working e-mail address. We may send you a verification message to ensure that you are who you claim to be. Any user information we collect from you will not be sold, however we will comply with lawful processes.

3. Each comment is reviewed by an OpenCdA editor. All comments are subject to approval.

4. Comments containing profane, obscene, or inappropriate language will not be approved.

5. Comments will not be edited, aside from our correcting obvious typos or formatting code, or when a comment violates OpenCdA Policy published on this page, or when a comment or post is considered defamatory.

6. Comments should be relevant to the topics under discussion.

7. Feel free to criticize. We welcome disagreement! Even so, abusive language and personal attacks are not welcome.  Defamatory comments will be removed.

8. Information posted here must be honest and by all accounts accurate. It’s okay to ask a question, but please do not make statements posing as fact unless you can demonstrate those facts to be true. You will be called out on this by the editors.

9. Please do not copy and paste information from other sources. It’s okay to post a link to the information, or to “block quote” something, but do not re-post huge swaths of text.

10. Enjoy yourself!

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