July 27, 2020

Where Have They Been for Four Years?

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Pissed offAccording to a story in Fox News online, a supposedly nonpartisan group called the Transition Integrity Group has been “Quietly [is] planning for what happens if Trump-Biden election is contested.”  The Fox story was based on a longer story which appeared in the Boston Globe.

You can read both stories and decide for yourselves how much attention to pay to either of them.

My first reaction to both stories was this:  For the last four or so years, a group of very dishonorable but prominent public officials at various times including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, several members of Congress, a few openly partisan if not corrupt federal judges, and several lesser-known subordinates have been using every effort at their disposal including misuse of the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to violate the laws of the United States and overturn the will of the voters in the 2016 presidential election.  They have fabricated evidence and falsified affidavits for court orders, and they have unlawfully used the investigative authority of the FBI to first try and prevent the lawful election of Republican nominee Trump and then failing that, to force the duly sworn President Trump to resign or be removed after impeachment.

So where was this self-appointed and supposedly non-partisan Transition Integrity Group when President Trump was and still is being subjected to what amounts to an effort to seditiously interfere with the President conducting the business of his office?   What rock have these reptilian clowns been hiding under for the past few years?


  1. “The Constitution really has been a workable document in many respects because we have had people who more or less adhered to a code of conduct,” … That seems to no longer to be the case. That changes everything.” So, these people believe the Constitution is only a workable document some of the time and that is no longer the case?

    Comment by Tributary — July 30, 2020 @ 2:02 pm

  2. From the article, “It is a fear that has been stoked by the president himself, who has repeatedly warned, without offering evidence, of widespread fraud involving mail-in ballots — which voters are likely to use at unprecedented levels because the pandemic has made in-person voting a potential health risk — to cast doubt on the results of November’s election.”

    Anyone who pays attention is aware of fraud when mail in ballots are used. It happens in every election and is reported in every election, though usually not by the left wing media.

    It is also noteworthy that the republicans that were involved in the “war games” self described as never Trumpers.

    Comment by JSmetal — August 3, 2020 @ 11:18 am

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