June 8, 2021

Full Report: ‘Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack’

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Here is a link to the complete 125-page report entitled Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack | A Review of the Security, Planning, and Response Failures on January 6.

The report just released today, June 8, 2021, includes recommendations as well as a timeline of what occurred at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

For an abbreviated but very complete news report, see the UK Daily Mail online news article headlined US intelligence agencies KNEW Trump supporters were posting threats and maps of Capitol tunnels weeks before the riot but didn’t share warnings with helpless Capitol cops, Senate report finds.


  1. I wonder how the Tucker Carlson assertion that FBI agents were actually involved in the planning and execution of the event may have on this report? Are such agents among the unindicted co-conspirators?

    Comment by Tributary — June 17, 2021 @ 11:48 am

  2. Tributary,

    That’s a very good question, and I suspect the most accurate and reliable answer will be found in the court filings Carlson referred to rather than in the report itself. I saw the same Carlson story you did. Carlson, like most other radio and TV talk shows blatherers, is not very precise in his word choice in some of his stories.

    When Carlson said “FBI agents,” most people would assume he was referring specifically to one or more FBI Special Agents, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigator, full-time employees of the FBI. Thus, in the way he used “FBI agent,” the public hearing the story could reasonably have also assumed he was referring to one or more FBI Special Agents, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigator, who were present and operating iundercover as a participant(s) in the lawful or unlawful activity that took place inside the Capitol.

    There’s where the imprecision of talk show hosts’ language can be intentionally or unintentionally misleading. Carlson may have been imprecisely and carelessly using “FBI agents” to refer to people other than FBI Special Agents, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigators, who were present and participating in the lawful or unlawful activities that took place inside the Capitol. In this usage, he might have been referring to people not FBI Special Agents but who are gathering and reporting information at the behest and under the control of an FBI Special Agent. We would normally call those people cooperating witnesses, sources, informants, confidential sources or informants, snitches, etc.

    Without reading the court documents, it’s hard to know exactly how the affiants who prepared the court documents used the term “unindicted co-conspirators.” Suppose the FBI had an FBI Special Agent, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigator working undercover (deep cover) inside one of the groups involved in the unlawful activities inside the Capitol. Suppose further that the deep-cover FBI Special Agent, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigator is still working undercover inside the group. That SA’s identity would have to be protected at all costs, at least until the undercover FBI Special Agent, GS-1811 series Criminal Investigator had been safely extracted. The affiant might protect the undercover SA’s cover in court docs by lumping him or her into a broad category of “unindicted co-conspirator” , also known properly as an “unindicted conspirator.” An unindicted co-conspirator is a person who is identified by a law enforcement officer to have engaged in a conspiracy, but who is not charged in the indictment charging that person’s fellow conspirators.

    I’m guessing that this RedState opinion piece authored by Shipwreckedcrew may be closer to accurate than the crap we’re subjected to from television skews media.

    Comment by Bill — June 17, 2021 @ 9:21 pm

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