September 11, 2016

Deep Throat, Ver. 2.0?

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comeyWill present FBI Director James Comey be revealed in the footnotes of history as ‘Deep Throat, Ver. 2.0?’

OpenCdA certainly hopes so.  It would help explain Comey’s contradictory conduct in the Clinton email and Foundation investigations.  Out of one side of his mouth, Comey has laid out sufficient evidence for the criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton on numerous violations of national security and criminal law.  Yet out of the other side, he has said no reasonable prosecutor would even consider such a filing.

We cling to one last very weak straw of hope that Comey and the FBI have not succumbed to Beltway Toxicity and subordinated the country’s foundational principle of the rule of law to the rule of man (or woman).

Comey knows that the decision to charge or not charge Hillary Clinton with the crimes she has allegedly committed rests exclusively with the US Attorney General and her headnodders on Mahogany Row at Main Justice.

OpenCdA readers will recall, however, that after what Attorney General Loretta Lynch said was a purely spontaneous meeting between her and Slick Willy in late June on the tarmac at Sky Harbor Aiport, Lynch promptly said she would not make the decision to charge or not charge, leaving it up to her subordinates at Main Justice.

Our hope is that Comey is doing publicly what former FBI Deputy Director W. Mark Felt did sub rosa during Watergate:  Turn whistle-blower to get evidence of Hillary Clinton’s culpability into the voters’ hands.   For years Felt was identified only by the pseudonym ‘Deep Throat’ in connection with the Watergate scandal.

Unlike Mark Felt who astutely played on the Washington Post owner Katharine Graham’s disdain for Nixon, Comey has chosen to neuter the Clinton-worshipping skews media by going directly to the people.  With his initial public statement on July 5, 2016, and then with the FBI’s release of its summary of the investigation in a bury-it-deep news dump the Friday before Labor Day, Comey has laid out the evidence showing more than enough to support criminal indictments of Clinton and some of her close associates.  The skews media had to report Comey’s releases even though the facts undermined Clinton’s and the media’s assertions of innocence.

Of course, we have acknowledged being wrong about Loretta Lynch’s judgment and integrity, so we must also consider that this Wall Street Journal editorial and this Breitbart exposé may have been more on the mark about FBI Director James Comey.


  1. He is afraid for his life.

    Comment by Sharon Culbreth — September 12, 2016 @ 10:26 am

  2. Sharon,

    I doubt he is afraid for his life. In his earlier career as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, he helped prosecute the Gambino crime family. Later as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, his office prosecuted some of the worst of the worst who had much more to lose than the Clintons.

    I doubt that even Crazy Hillary and Slick Willy are stupid enough to do anything to harm Comey. Assassinating the Director of the FBI would be a seriously unwise career move. The Clintons have much more to fear personally from their various ‘donors’ who have high expectations for return on their investment from President Hillary Clinton.

    Remember, Comey made only a recommendation to AG Loretta Lynch. If you believe Lynch, she punted the decision to her subordinates at Main Justice. She could just as easily have rejected Comey’s recommendation and said, “Nope, someone has to defend the rule of law in the US.” Instead, she meekly breathed a sigh of relief that Comey had been willing to take the public heat. She may not have been particularly happy that he chose to blow a very loud and prolonged whistle to the voters, however.

    Comment by Bill — September 12, 2016 @ 11:55 am

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