February 13, 2018

Appoint a Presidential Commission

Warren Commission Composite NYTWith  American citizens finally becoming more aware of  the scope and gravity of the institutional corruption involved in and around the 2016 election, members of Congress are receiving increasing demands to appoint another Special Counsel.

As I opined in my OpenCdA post on January 12, 2018, entitled So It Never Happens Again …,  merely appointing yet another Special Counsel to look into the allegations of apparent criminal wrongdoing associated with the 2016 national general election would be an incomplete approach.

I don’t dispute there are grounds for such a Special Counsel.  However, I believe the job of rehabilitating corrupted and crippled agencies whose missions are critically important to the national security is too much for a Special Counsel.

Before you conclude I’m overstating the scope of work required for rehabilitation, consider this:

Credible evidence released by diligent House and Senate committees has provided solid reasons to believe that the following government bodies have some involvement either as alleged violators or as victims in the numerous and various statutory and administrative rule violations:

  • Central Intelligence Agency (alleged violator)
  • Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) (victim)
  • Department of Justice (alleged violator)
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (alleged violator)
  • Department of State (alleged violator)
  • Federal Election Commission (victim)
  • Former President Obama and his Executive Office of the President (alleged violator)
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (victim)
  • Internal Revenue Service (alleged violator)
  • National Security Agency (alleged violator)
  • US Congress (victim)

Very arguably the most important objective of  rehabilitation has to be to restore the public’s confidence in our federal agencies to perform their duties honestly and diligently.  (Lest we forget, the honest and diligent employees of all the alleged violator agencies are ‘the public,’ too.)  Thus far, the Mueller Special Counsel effort has produced  little or nothing to accomplish that objective.

There is another objective that no Special Counsel will have the courage to touch:  An open and frank discussion of the miserable failure of our First Amendment-protected news media to provide timely, accurate, and complete reporting of verified information (not opinion) to We, the People.

That discussion must include but not start with the performance of reporters or editors or news directors.  It must start with media owners’ lack of understanding the importance of timely, accurate, complete news reporting.  Then these owners must be questioned about their lack of commitment to that same reporting.

In part the failures of federal agencies have apparently been aided and abetted by the First Amendment-protected news media’s decisions to ignore or under-report those failures.   The media owe We, the People, some answers for their seemingly aiding and abetting alleged crimes that have been committed against all the people of the United States.

If the public’s confidence in the integrity of some critical agencies and their employees is to be restored, we need a Presidential Commission with far more horsepower, moral courage, and integrity than we are likely to ever see from another Special Counsel like Robert Mueller.


  1. Thank you for following this catastrophic mess of our government. It is so horrific, it is difficult to remedy a solution. A common citizen is so wrapped up in the influx of stories that it is difficult to follow, that one could easily dismiss the incessant stories as white noise and wonder if anyone will really see justice for the American people, like us or care if it happens at all. Throwing tomatoes, in other words, would not work, we would be targeted as domestic terrorists. It really is awful and the degradation of EVERY branch of our government has been corrupted and while we unearth this mockery of the people, how do we restore our government’s integrity without targeting our President as the scapegoat in the wake of this national trial by media? We do need real courage and our President, so far is that portrait. Thank God, he has his own private security team. When we are lied to by the press or the article is misrepresented, the people need recourse …reporters need to put their own personal integrity/liability on the line and pay for it if they cannot back up the story as fact. We/the people need to learn how to SUE them/media and [get] a Presidential Commission [to boot]. I am so sick of this %^$!@.

    Comment by Stebbijo — February 13, 2018 @ 7:56 pm

  2. Stebbijo,

    There are several intertwined events with each event having its own group of violations of statutes and regulations. Some of the same people, particularly at Main Justice and Headquarters-FBI, are involved in all the events. Even to people used to following the tangled spaghetti of major investigations, this is extremely complicated. What further complicates it is that present and former FBI executives, DoJ executives and litigation attorneys, FISA Court judge(s), NSA executives, CIA executives, State Department executives, former Presidents Clinton and Obama, present and former executives and employees of the Executive Office of the President, and former executives of the Internal Revenue Service would all potentially be defendants or at least fact witnesses in criminal trials.

    Given the actual or potential complicity of so many agencies and employees in them, citizens can reasonably be asking, “Whom can we trust in the FBI, the DoJ, and the federal judiciary to investigate the allegations timely and completely, analyze potential evidence objectively, and then prosecute and adjudicate without social, political, or economic prejudice?”

    Comment by Bill — February 14, 2018 @ 5:59 am

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