August 24, 2018

Three Worth Reading

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When the 2016 Republican National Convention delegates nominated Donald J. Trump to be the party’s presidential nominee on July 19, 2016, it generated more of a shock inside the Republican Party than it did with the Democrats.   After all,  “everyone” including many Republicans knew and accepted that 2016 was going to be the year of the first woman President of the United States.  She was to be Hillary Clinton. 

Clinton’s victory was an accepted and foregone conclusion in both parties, the national press corps, and in foreign governments and investors who had been pumping piles of cash into the Clinton Foundation to assure their words would be heard and heeded by President Hillary Clinton after her inauguration.  It was also a foregone conclusion among many career government employees who jockey for positions opened as a result of administration transition.

Then on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won and became the President-elect of the United States.   A short time later, an organized effort to overthrow the newly-elected President of the United States began.  Many Democrats and Republicans in Congress cheered the overthrow effort.  As we now know from a few honest Republicans in Congress, so did the Mahogany Rows in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Department of Justice (DoJ), the two institutions who we citizens sharing space in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” once saw as the last best hope of preserving the rule of law in the United States.

In fact, the FBI and the DoJ had begun scrubbing Hillary Clinton’s past to eliminate the clear and admissible evidence of her criminal actions even before the election.  It was part of their “insurance policy” to assure that after Clinton was elected, there would be no evidentiary loose ends that would come back to haunt her presidency.

Then after nominee Trump astonishingly won the general election, the FBI and DoJ turned their corrupt sights on removing him from office by finding some reason, any reason at all, that would give a compliant Congress an excuse to impeach and convict him, then remove him from office.

At the top of this post are three books which I highly recommend you read to understand just how the FBI and DoJ conspired with others in and out of government to prevent President Trump’s election and, obviously failing that, to see to it that whether by evidentiary fact or creative fiction, to remove him from office.  The national press corps joins the FBI and DoJ as instrumentalities in that effort.  I suggest you read the books in 1-2-3 order if possible.

1 – The Russia Hoax – The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump, by Gregg Jarrett.   Jarrett, a Fox News analyst, has written a remarkable book that descriptively but succinctly explains and documents the underlying facts showing “the illicit scheme to clear Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump.”  He has written very skillfully and in just sufficient detail to make it interesting to read without being slow or tedious or getting bogged down in too much detail.   The +/- 700 endnotes allow the book’s readers to seek out more detail if they desire.  This is definitely the book to read first.

2 – Compromised – How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, by Seamus Bruner.  Bruner’s book focuses on the institutional self-enrichment and political bias in the Mahogany Rows of both the FBI and the DoJ.  Like Gregg Jarett’s book, Compromised is an easy and fast read with hundreds of end-notes for readers seeking additional information.  Bruner has taken an additional step to help readers better and more quickly grasp the facts in his book:  At the beginning of each chapter there is a list of the bullet points that will be explained more fully in that chapter.

3 – American Oligarchy – The Permanent Political Class, by Ron Formisano.  President Trump calls it “The Swamp.”  Others call it a “shadow government”.  Professor Ron Formisano, a professor emeritus of history at the University of Kentucky, calls it “the permanent political class.”   Unlike Jarrett’s and Bruner’s books, American Oligarchy is not an easy, quick read.  That’s why I recommend reading it after the other two.  However, for people who have a genuine interest in understanding our constitutional republic government’s functioning and dysfunctioning better, it is worth the effort.    The author makes it very clear that the “permanent political class”, the Swamp, is not exclusively at the national level.  State, county, and local governments are often scaled-down versions of the national permanent political class.   Reading the book from this perspective will help students of local government as well as national government better understand just how corrupt all levels of government will become without constant observation by involved citizens, preferably those with the courage to take on locally corrupt officials and the news media who support them.

After reading these books, the question you may well have is, “How far would the FBI, the DoJ, and the permanent political class be willing to go to remove President Donald Trump from office?”

It will not reassure you to conclude by reading Title 18, US Code, Section 1751.  Pay particular attention to subsection (i).


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